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problem: when rabbit digs through a straigth tunnel, only the two lowest blocks are dug out. (which in some cases makes the tunnel still impassible while in bat-form)

Thank you for your feedback. This problem will be fixed in the next version.

I really like the idear of the game.

Good luck for the continuation 

Thank you very much !

I can't trigger the "special action", on linux. I can switch paper to rabbit, frog and bat.
But Except moving, i can't do anything.

BTW distributing versions for linux, it's better to use tar archive. Rar are odd on linux. 
zip (windows) and tar (linux) are the best. 

We are looking into it but it might take a while. Thank you for your patience !

Sorry if my comment seems a little rough, I was at work, I did not have time to write a proper comment. I went to the quick and short comment.

But don't worry i will wait. Patience it's my strongest quality.

i found a problem with arrows keys . it's not WASD but WQSD with a qwerty keyboard . 

I'm french and use azerty , normaly it's ZQSD, but with this problem it's AZSD. 

and this game is a good idea . 

Thanks. We have uploaded a new version with the right keys with a azerty keyboard. 

In the english version (with a qwerty keyboard), the keys was right.